Saturday, November 19, 2011

Want Your Ex Boyfriend Back? Don't Get Blinded by Emotions!

If you are starting to feel as though you are just pushing your ex-boyfriend away instead of winning the game of getting him back then this is for you! I've got a get your ex back tip that will not only help you get him back, but help you not push him away forever!

Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back Mistakes

The reason you found this article is because you are SERIOUS about getting your ex boyfriend back. In fact, you may be TOO SERIOUS! What I mean is that you may be so serious about getting him back that you have now become anxious and behaving in a way that will not win him back, but instead will push him further away.

Your ex boyfriend is not going to respond to your anxious behavior in a good way. Nobody wants to receive that kind of desperate pressure from their ex, and no one finds it attractive.

Some things you may be doing to your ex-boyfriend are:

Calling him continuously.Constantly text messaging him.Harassing him on Facebook.Constantly asking his friends to talk to him.Crying, whining, or begging for him back.Trying to make him feel bad by being depressed or by crying around him.

These are all tactics that are going to push your ex-boyfriend further away instead of allowing you to win him back, and if you want to get him back you need to stop doing them now!

Here's a Better Plan To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

First of all, your anxiety about the relationship is not going to go away until you give yourself some space from your ex. I know it sounds cliché, but it's only cliché because it works! When you give yourself some space you can focus on yourself and the issues you need to deal with instead of focusing on the tragedy of the breakup.

It will be hard to do this at first, but you will find that the more you take your focus off of your ex-boyfriend and put it onto yourself, the better you will feel. Your mind will clear up and you will see things without the emotional charge behind them. That means that you will see things in a more realistic way.

During this time you will be able to realize what you did wrong, and what your ex did wrong, and come up with a plan to fix the situation. Also during this time your ex will start to view you in a new light because you will not be constantly trying to win him back. He may start to miss you and he may start to solve the relationship issues as well, which will result in the both of you having a new plan of attack towards a healthy relationship.

Don't let yourself slip back into your anxiety during this time. Remember that in order to have a better relationship you need to tackle the relationship issues that broke you up in the first place, and you can't do that unless you see them clearly for what they are, so avoid contacting him and letting your emotions get in the way of your rational thinking.

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