Friday, November 18, 2011

Does Your Ex Ignore Your Phone Calls? After You Use These Tricks Your Ex Won't Dare to Ignore You!

Do you want to stop a breakup? Have you and your lover broken up already, but you want to get your ex back? Do you feel lost and need some real tricks to get your partner back into your life? If you have answered yes to any of those, but you can't ever seem to get your ex to return your phone calls or talk to you, then these tricks will help you to pull your ex back super fast...

Step #1: Don't give your ex that much attention- Really, he/she doesn't deserve it just yet! Now, I say this, because any attention you give your ex now will only BACKFIRE! Yes, that's right! The reason for this is because he/she will end up taking you for granted. You will then be putting your ex on a pedestal, unknowingly, which means that any attempt you actually make to get your ex back will fail. Therefore give some space, and actually don't even dare be afraid to even ignore your ex.

Step #2: Send your ex an SMS after some time- After you have given your ex the needed space, send your ex an SMS. The reason you should send an SMS, versus meeting in real life or calling your ex, is because he/she will actually read it. Whereas, if you were to call they could ignroe you, or simply turn there phone off. So, send this message:

"Hey, I just wanted to let you know that you were right about the break up. It has really made a huge difference in my life now, and I am doing a lot of things now that I never would have done otherwise. So many exciting things, and guess what"

When you end the text off abruptly, by saying "...and guess what", this will instantly pull your ex in to find out exactly what it is that you wanted to say. He/she will not be able to resist their curiosity now, and will be calling you back shortly.

Warning: Your Ex Is Very Near To Having Sex With Someone Else Soon... If you do not take action now, your ex will be lost forever to someone else! I am about to share with you the secret way to get your ex crawling back to you instantly; no matter how bad the situation is. No more ignoring, no more games; from this point on your life will never be the same.

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