Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Recover Your Ex girlfriend or wife and keep you in love with what was?

So you may have made some stupid mistakes or accidents in their relationship. You may have done something very, very bad or many small and simple which also resulted in the bachelor again.

How hard is life, drink and move on? Maybe, but you may want to get back with your girlfriend and win her heart again. 

You are saying: "I want my girlfriend back, want my ex is back in my life. I want with my ex."

Yes, I know what you're thinking, but do you really want the relationship was new, or if you want a better relationship with her when she returns? If you ask me, I would say you want your love back, you want the person who was your girlfriend back, you want to be with her again, but I really do not think I want the same respect back.

Well, now that we've established what you want to do really, we will explore ways to win back your ex. Let's explore some strategies on how to get your ex girlfriend or wife. I will show you how to win back your ex, not make you look weak or wimpy.
Do this first:

First, you should take some time to do a self evaluation of your life and the whole situation.

When a relationship ends, the mind and body always wants to go back to the person. But over time we realize that these feelings were only temporary and that the relationship can not be the best thing in our life right now. So the first thing to do is take a few days or weeks to determine their status and position.

Because this article is about how to get your ex girlfriend or wife, is about how to regain their former and not the way to get over your ex.

To get your ex girlfriend, requires patience, because the worst thing you can do is be impulsive, head of the nut or a hen. Women hate a coward, and I do not care much what emotions still have them, you have to look strong and in control.

No This Second

After evaluation, if you decide to return to his ex, the reconstruction of friendship is the second thing I want to do. You will have to start spending time with his ex just as friends, nothing heavy here. This will keep confusion and hostility of age in the distance.

Hey, you're starting in the reconstruction of a bond, you are trying to rediscover. You have to work the next friendship and rebuild that link first.

Make a few chance encounters, may be alone or with a group of friends. Just being in his presence or in a situation where she feels comfortable and not feel pressured.

She will have to quiet your mind before it can pass the decision to get back with you.

You must do this:

Believe me when I say that patience in this area is going to win his heart back in time. And what about the many ways to win, patience is the main know how to get ex girlfriend back.

Do not rush to make that spark happen. This will create more tension and problems will arise and can ruin your chances of winning your ex girlfriend.

Also, do not go to many appointments in a short space of time either. You should space the dates, and most of the time waiting for her to call and launch date. This will be a good sign that is warming you and I enjoy her company.

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