Friday, December 9, 2011

The Way To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Come Back Running - Make Him Think You No Longer Care

A breakup can cause all sorts of emotions and nearly everyone of them is negative. It's hard to take a positive attitude when you have just seen your dreams of a future with the man you love shattered. Your instinct is to try to save the relationship which could lead you to chasing and begging your ex boyfriend. But, to make him come running back, you have to make your ex think you no longer care.

Making yourself appear needy and desperate will give your ex boyfriend a negative image of you. It might seem hard to believe, but making him think you no longer care for him, will give him a positive image of you. The reason for this is the way men think and you need to get inside his head and direct his thinking in the right direction by using some male psychology.

As long as you are always around and your ex boyfriend is sure of you, he won't come back to you. Why should he? He knows you are not going anywhere and you will be there when he wants you. To make your ex boyfriend come running back, you have to create some doubt in his mind. You have to take him out of his comfort zone and make him feel you are slipping away.

When you begin to go out and have fun and find other interesting things to do instead of hanging around hoping he will say a kind word, your ex will notice it. Men always keep track of their ex girlfriends after a breakup. Your ex boyfriend might be acting like he doesn't want you anymore, however he doesn't want any other guy to have you either.

One of the hardest things for a man to take is being ignored. It make it worse if the one ignoring him is his ex girlfriend. This is how you get inside his head and use male psychology to push his emotional hot buttons. Once your ex boyfriend begins to worry about losing you for good, you will begin to occupy his every thought. He will realize he still loves you and misses you like crazy.

The fact that men always want what they can't have will spark his interest in you and bring the old desire back. Your ex boyfriend will wonder why you stopped loving him and wonder if you have found another guy. This will make him see the breakup was a mistake and he will be kicking himself for letting you go. He will also worry about his image. If you are seen with another guy, people might wonder who it was that got dumped.

When you begin to occupy his thoughts, he will remember your laugh and the sound of your voice. Your ex boyfriend will start longing to have the good times with you back. He will want to know if you still love him and he will give you a call. As much as you will want to, you should not answer his phone calls, emails or text messages. This will make him so desperate for your love, he will come running back.

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