Saturday, December 10, 2011

Check Text Messages Online to Catch A Cheating Spouse

Do you want to check text messages online from your spouse? Maybe you suspect that they are keeping something from you, and worse still it may be an affair. Well, unfortunately your mobile phone provider won't be very helpful to help you spy on your spouse. They are restricted by the law from keeping their customers' text messages on their servers, which means that you will not be able to get it from them. The only way to check text messages online from a phone that you don't own is to use a special software program.

Using Smart Phone Spying Programs To Check Text Messages Online

Fortunately, these days there are smart phone spying programs available to you to allow you to check text messages online for a phone that you don't own. Even if the owner of the phone deletes the text messages after reading it, these deleted texts are still recorded on the server so that when you check for it you'll still be able to read the contents of these texts. So how exactly do you get a smart phone spying program installed onto the phone you want to spy on?

You'll have to wait until the phone is unattended, hopefully when your spouse is taking a shower or asleep you will have the opportunity to quickly access the phone. Once you do, it's just a matter of installing it on the phone and then that's it. It's on the phone but won't be visible at all. It's totally stealth and your spouse will never suspect that it is on there at all (just remember to replace the phone in the position that you found it in!).

How You Can Check Text Messages Online From The Phone You're Spying On

Once your program is installed on the phone, you can get remote access to the phone through your computer. It will keep a log of all the texts sent and received from the phone, as well as track call logs, record all pictures and videos stored on the phone, and even pinpoint the location of the phone every hour using the GPS function. That way, if there's anything suspicious going on, you'll be able to know about it quickly and without arousing suspicions of your own. Simply when you check text messages online, you can avoid being taken for a fool by your cheating spouse, and take the actions that you need to protect yourself.

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