Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Best Time To Let Your Ex Boyfriend You Miss Him - This Is Vital To Getting Your Ex Back

Why do you miss something? It's because you no longer have it. Yet there is more to missing someone after a breakup. If your boyfriend broke up with you, you feel lonely and miss feeling his arms around you. You remember the good times you had with him and want them back. And then there is the fear he will find someone else and you will never get your ex back.

All of these feelings will be your worst enemies after a breakup. They will be the things that will keep you from getting back the man you love. The reasons these feelings are so dangerous is they will cause you to chase your ex boyfriend and let him know how much you miss him. There is no need to tell your ex you miss him because he already knows.

Your ex boyfriend would not have broken up with you if he didn't think you still love him and would miss him. Knowing how you feel about him is what will allow him to keep rejecting you and date other women. He knows if and when he wants you back, you will fall into his arms again. To get your ex back, you have to instill some doubt in his mind.

Telling your ex boyfriend you miss him will not make him come running back to you. It might make him pity you, but you don't want his pity, you want his love. If you know that you can only miss something when it is no longer there, why are you trying to stay close to your ex? The only way he will miss you is by you not being anywhere around.

Having a relationship with you and then having you run after him after the breakup has made your ex boyfriend used to having you around. What would happen if you stopped chasing him and he looks around and you are nowhere to be found? At first he would be surprised and wonder what happened to you. He wouldn't be upset right away, but when he hasn't seen or heard from you for a few weeks things will change.

Your ex boyfriend will find that you are constantly on his mind. He will find himself thinking of the cute things you used to do. He will long to hear your voice and see your smile. Then he will become aware of a void in his life and realize it is the space you used to fill. The feeling of wanting to see you and touch you will become unbearable and he will see that the only way he can find happiness is with you.

The thing that has always made me wonder is why women forget how they got their guy in the first place. After a breakup, most women do the exact opposite of what they did to get their man to chase them at the start. You forget that it is the man who must do the chasing and you have to seem uninterested in him. By telling a man you miss him after a breakup, you ruin any chance of making him miss you. So the best time to tell your ex boyfriend you miss him, is never. You have to make him miss you.

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