Saturday, October 29, 2011

How to Get Him Back From Another Woman - 3 Mistakes Women Make in Trying To Win Him Back

So, the guy you still think about all of the time has started seeing another woman. Not only that, but you hear that he seems to be happy with her. While you really do want the best for him and you do want to see him happy... you would much rather that he be happy with you and not with some other woman. You might think that all is lost in a situation like this, but that is not necessarily so. Just because he is with another woman right now, that does not mean that he will not end up back with you.

Trying to win back an ex boyfriend can be hard and it can be stressful. And that is just when he is your ex and not seeing someone else. When you know that there is a new woman in the picture, that feeling of it being hard and stressful can shoot through the roof! Because that happens, and the stress can make you do things that you would not do otherwise, there is a good chance that you will make some mistakes in trying to win him back.

These are 3 mistakes that you want to be careful to avoid if he is dating someone else and you want him back:

Mistake Number One - Trying to compare yourself to the new woman.

Anytime that you get caught up in the game of trying to compare yourself to the new girlfriend, you are going to lose. That's not because she is better than you are. It's because she is the new girlfriend and new is always a little bit more appealing in the beginning. Accept that and realize that some of that newness is what is attracting him to her.

Mistake Number Two - Getting caught up in a cat fight over him.

Don't think that this will somehow bring back your ex boyfriend. If you don't know how men feel about two women going at it, there is a good episode of Seinfeld that kind of proves this. Just the mention of the word, cat fight, and all of the men become instantly intrigued. The best that you will do is to blow up his ego and the worst that you can do is get into a situation where he is just enjoying himself watching two women fight over him.

Mistake Number Three - Feeling like he is gone for good.

This is a big mistake, because when you feel as though he is gone for good, then you really are not motivated to do much at all to try and win him back. At that point, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, just due to the fact that you are not putting in any effort to win him back.

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