Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Will She Ever Talk to Me Again? Handling an Ex Girlfriend Who Ignores You

You and the woman you love aren't together anymore. You wish it was different, don't you? Of course you do. You adore her and your life feels incomplete since the break up. It's been a challenge but you've held out hope that one day things will turn around and she'll decide that she can't live without you. Unfortunately, things haven't gone down that path yet. Instead, your ex girlfriend has taken to ignoring you. Perhaps you've called her and are always greeted by her voicemail or maybe she just never returns your text messages. Regardless, it's become painfully obvious to you that she's stopped all contact. You're now left wondering if she'll ever talk to you again. The answer actually has just as much to do with your actions as her choice. You can do things now that will ensure you two get past this rough patch so you get to a place where communication feels comfortable and calm again.

Regardless of how dim things seem at the moment there's always a chance you can turn things back in your favor with your ex. Many women pull back emotionally after a break up simply to protect their heart. Women often feel things at a much deeper level than men do and because of that they need space to process the break up, even if it was their idea initially. That is likely the reason your ex girlfriend has now stopped speaking with you or answering your text messages. She just needs some time to catch her breath. You must give her that if you want any type of relationship in the future with her, whether that is friends or more.

It's obviously hurtful when you realize that your ex girlfriend wants little to do with you right now. Your male pride is bound to kick in and that can manifest itself in many ways. You may decide that you refuse to be ignored so you chase after her incessantly trying to get her to pay you even the slightest bit of attention. Perhaps you're more subtle and you get a friend to talk with her about you with the hopes that they'll be able to convince your ex that you're the only man in the world for her.

This is the time in your broken relationship when you must disengage yourself emotionally from your ex girlfriend. You have to take on the view that even though you aren't on speaking terms now, it's temporary and the future will hold something new. Once you let her go, she'll sense it immediately and it will impact her in a positive way.

By giving her time and allowing her the chance to experience her life on her own, you'll be demonstrating several things to her. You'll not only be showing her that you respect her need for time to herself but you'll also be sending a very clear message that you need some time too.

Don't fall into a pattern of thinking that suggests that you need to fix your broken relationship right this very minute. If your ex girlfriend is ignoring you, she's not emotionally ready to deal with you. Stop pushing and start focusing on yourself. In time, her feelings will settle and she'll be ready to open up to the idea of talking again. Patience is your best friend right now so lean on it as much as you can.

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