Friday, November 11, 2011

Get The Psychological Advantage And Bring Your Ex Boyfriend Back Fast!

When your ex boyfriend broke up with you, he had the psychological advantage. You were no doubt taken by surprise and before you knew what was happening, you were crying and begging him to change his mind. Once he is gone, you will feel sad and lonely. If you are like most women you will also feel that you were responsible for the breakup. But, if you want to bring your ex boyfriend back fast, you have to gain the psychological advantage.

Being desperate and constantly trying to contact him will only allow him to keep the psychological advantage and as long as he has this advantage you will never get him back. He knows you are still in love with him and he can get you back anytime he wishes. Knowing that he can go out and have a good time and even date other women. You will become a backup in case he fails to find someone else.

The way to gain the psychological advantage and bring your ex boyfriend running back is to take away his safety net and leave him out in the cold. You have to make him see the breakup was a mistake and understand he is still in love with you and will do anything to have you back in his arms. When your ex boyfriend begins to miss hearing your voice and seeing your smile, you will gain the psychological advantage.

How can you do this? Getting a man and keeping him is all a matter of using male psychology. You have to constantly be pushing his emotional hot buttons and make him feel you are always just a little out of his reach. The best way to accomplish this is to make him feel he cares more for you than you care for him. That may seem a heartless thing to do, but it is the way to keep a man.

Men are natural hunters and if he is not constantly hunting you, he will go hunt for someone else. That is just a fact of relationships. Look at all of the women who are married to handsome men. Most of these women are not beautiful, but they know how to keep a man's interest sparked. They always make him feel like he hasn't quite won them completely. As long as a man feels he must work for your love, he will stay with you.

This is what you did when you first sparked your ex boyfriend's interest. You toyed with him and made yourself hard to get. As long as you kept him guessing and stayed a little out of his reach, he kept chasing you. Your mistake was allowing him to think he had you and you couldn't let him go. To regain the psychological advantage you have to change his attitude.

As hard and scary as it may be you will have to let your guy go for a while. You must ignore him and go out and live your life. Be seen having fun and even flirt with other guys. If your ex boyfriend still loves you, he will awaken to the fact that he could be losing you for good. That should push his hot buttons and make him see his mistake in taking you for granted. This should also bring him back fast, however you can never let him think he owns you if you want to keep your man.

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