Thursday, November 10, 2011

Learn How To Push Your Ex Boyfriend's Hot Buttons - Have Him Chasing You Again

Everyone has emotional hot buttons. But you will get different reactions depending on which ones you push. When it comes to getting an ex boyfriend back it is vital to push the right ones. If the man you want back is still ignoring you and pulling farther away, you are pushing the wrong buttons. You need to learn which ones to push if you want your ex boyfriend to chase you again.

Men, and especially young men take great satisfaction in thinking women can't resist them. When you run after youe ex boyfriend and tell him you cannot live without him, you are building his ego. You are making him feel he is so great that you can't resist him. He also knows if he comes back, you will not treat him like a love God, so why should he come back?

Your ex boyfriend might even get the idea of seeing if other women will be able to resist him and he will start dating others. The danger when he starts dating others is, he might find someone he can't resist and you will be left out in the cold. The way to prevent him straying forever is to make him feel that he can't live without you. That is only a matter of using male psychology to push the right emotional hot buttons.

Since the actions you have been taking to get your ex boyfriend back haven't worked it should make sense to try opposite actions. instead of trying to stay close to him, put as much distance between the two of you as possible. Instead of telling him you want him back and can't live without him, you have to make him think you no longer care for him. This will begin to push his hot buttons in the right way.

By showing your ex boyfriend you can live with out him, you will appear to be the strong independent girl you were when he met you. This will immediately spark his attention. By putting distance between you, it will allow him to experience his life without you. By not sitting around home and being seen with your friends out having fun, your ex will see he might be losing you for good.

Your new actions will be pushing your ex boyfriend's hot buttons in the right way. Male psychology will tell you that men always want what they can't have and men fall in love from a distance. The longer he is without you, the more desirable to him you will become. Your ex boyfriend will wake up at night thinking he has heard your voice or your laugh and feel how much he misses you.

Then he will begin to imagine things. He will think of you being in the arms of another man and it will make him desperate to have you back. When your ex boyfriend becomes desperate to have you back, he will start chasing you again. All of this can happen when you learn how to push his emotional hot buttons the right way.

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