Thursday, November 3, 2011

Quick Ways to Get the Girl Back

You feel bad. You broke up with your girlfriend. One can read a silent question in your eyes: "how to get the girl back?".

Just sit, calm down, make your mind positive and think patiently about this problem.

First, you should understand what the cause for break-up was. Perhaps there was a quarrel, arose misunderstanding. Perhaps you could not find a compromise?

Here is the "root" answer to the question: "How to get the girl back?". Charismatic guy knows how to influence his beloved and light feeling with new force. You're not one of those guys? If you want to develop the necessary qualities when dealing with your beloved and resurrect her former love for you then you probably need to choose a good program. Now such programs are abundant on Internet. As the result of using such program you can become an infallible conqueror of ladies' hearts.

She does not pay proper attention to you: does not give a call, does not send SMS. Your pride is hurting. How could this happen? You were so white, so fluffy... You were making your best to show your love to her. But she did not appreciate it. Or maybe she already has another guy? Your life becomes a nightmare. You think: how to return the girl by any means. You dream to recapture it.

Think positively and separate your instincts and desires from your hurting self-esteem. You'll get a first answer to the question: "How to get the girl back?". Maybe it is not worth doing it at all? Ah?

Ok. You are firm with your decision: the girl has to be returned by any means. Then let's go on. If you're such stubborn then the relationships with the girl were good. You rested from her for a while and now you want to restore everything back. I am sure that she has the same wish deep inside her hearts.

The second point would be: never ask her to return. Do not cry into her shoulder and do not say that you are so bad without her. Cultivate your charisma. You're not a nonentity, and can always find someone else. If you're going to beg then she will understand that she can chit on you by any possible ways.

Subconsciously, any woman is seeking a man whom to obey. Show her that you are this man. Prove it to her: "I am pretty well without you". In a telephone conversation hint that you supposedly do not mind to be with her, but Mary, Nancy, Jenny are so lovely... You understand where I am? Push down on her woman's instinct of rivalry. The girl will fight for you.

The third answer to the question "how to get the girl back?" is: hell out of her sight at the best possible long-term (week, two or a month). In the meantime, made several crazy things: jump with a parachute, go to a distant city hitchhike, cast in the ad or the crowd. Change yourself. You can learn to draw, sing, and play the guitar. Establish more new friends. As the result you will get back to her with new qualities and you will leave behind a weak self-esteem. The girl will be pleasantly surprised, intrigued. She will begin to re-open you...

The fourth step on how to return the girl back would be your unexpected call after a long break. Call and explicitly name time and a meeting place. At the date be positive and cool. Keep a small distance, not rush to the girl. Let her think that you have met as friends. Gradually arrogance will leave her. That's the time of action: kiss her. Is she suspending? Confidently stand your ground. Now you can already say that your were bored. Say that you were looking for a girl better, but did not manage to find one. Make her a compliment, kiss and embrace her... Good luck to you in such difficult matter.

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