Saturday, November 5, 2011

How To Get Him Back After Dumping Him

If he had dumped you then it would be hard enough to figure out how to get him back, but when you dumped him and it was your fault, then it could be devastating. That was the problem that Lyndsey faced when she wanted to get her man back.

Lyndsey had picked up on some gossip going around that her boyfriend, Dave, had been cheating on her. She was angry and upset, and without even checking out the gossip, she accused Dave of being unfaithful. Dave was stunned. He didn't know about the rumor, (which had been girl talk), and Lyndsey didn't really give him a chance to put her straight. She just told him it was over and dumped him.

Only a short time after, Lyndsey discoverd that the gossip had been started maliciously and was completely untrue. Lyndsey was really devastated that she had believed the lies about Dave, and wanted to find out how to get him back. She was also embarrassed by being made a fool of, and wanted to put things back to how they should be.

She rang Dave and tried to explain what had been going on. Dave, naturally, was not feeling very forgiving. He had been hurt by Lyndsey's lack of trust, and the fact that they hadn't been able to talk it through. Lyndsey was going to have a struggle to make him come back after dumping him. Lyndsey had to know how to win him back.
Straight away she wrote him apologizing for what she had done. She explained that it was all her fault, and that she would never be taken in again. She would always trust him in future. She told him how she would miss him, and that she didn't want to lose all the good times and loving experiences they had together. She was devastated that she had put all of that in jeopardy. She explained that she had done it out of love, because she hadn't been able to bear the idea of him being with someone else. Now she was tortured by knowing that she could have lost him forever.

She sent the letter, realizing that she had now done all she could. She didn't follow up with calls and texts, because she knew that he would now need time to think about what she was trying to say to him. Lyndsey knew that Dave would need space. Any time she bumped into Dave, she was calm and gentle. She tried to use small talk to remind him of the good times they had.together. She didn't go over the content of the letter with him. She had let him know how she felt, and she didn't want to have to keep apologizing.

A while later, Lyndsey managed to get some tickets for a concert that she knew Dave would want to go to. She invited him along as a friend, no strings attached. She felt that this was a way to show him that she wanted him back, but didn't want to force him into anything.

Knowing how to get him back after you have dumped him can be a big problem. You have really killed the relationship, and you have to start again from the beginning by apologizing and re-laying the foundations of trust. Trust has been broken and it is crucial to you both that it be rebuilt. Fortunately, Dave did want to restart the relationship, and came back to Lyndsey. He realized that Lyndsey had acted out of misplaced jealousy, and that she really did love him. She had made an error but it formed a basis for building their future. They both now realized that they needed to communicate better and talk things through. They came away with a stronger relationship, because Lyndsey had discovered how to get him back after dumping him. 

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