Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Signs Of a Relationship Break Up - Dont Be Caught By Surprise

What are the clues of a potential relationship break up? Can it be you are concerned your relationship is about to come to an end? To prevent being blindsided by this, you must learn what types of break up signs you would
be looking for.

All break ups cause pain but being blindsided by it, not recognizing it was coming, can be significantly worse. If you can nevertheless see it coming, your break up can be much less distressing because you have prepared yourself mentally. Yes there are signs that show all is not well and if you
keep your eyes and ears open you may catch them.

Something to keep in mind is that we as humans can lie to ourselves. We do not want to see or hear the bad and turn a blind eye towards it to avoid the pain. We are inevitably hurting ourselves in the long run doing this and ignoring the facts.

If you can see things clearly you can catch these clues and have a chance to change the path your relationship may be headed. Below are some signs to be on the lookout for to help prevent a relationship break up.

Is your partner spending less time with you? If it looks like they have more important things to do than be with you, this could be a sign. Of course make sure that there could be a legitament reason for this like having to extra hours or they are just going through some personnel issues.

If you are unable to find a reasonable excuse for their behavior then you may want to sit down with them to discuss what may be going on. Do not accuse them of anything; just ask what the problem may be.

If they are just having some personnel problems or something similar you may make matters worse if you accuse them before finding out the reasons. Be calm and rational without being defensive. Let them explain it in their own way without pressuring them.

Maybe you have noticed your partner needs more privacy. Do they leave the room when they get a call on their cell phone? Maybe they use their lap top in another room when they used to use it sitting next to you. They could be hiding a phone call from you or emailing someone they do not want you to know about. You can ask them why they are now doing this.

If they tell you nothing is going on, this will still indicate that their behavior has changed because they cannot or will not give you a legitimate reason. Still, you must give them the benefit of the doubt till you have proof something is amiss or you risk looking stupid for accusing them of something.

How is your sexual relationship with your partner? A sign they could have found someone else is a lack of interest in sex with you now. They may be more focused on this other person. Of course they could just be over worked or depressed and sex is not a priority now as it may have once been.

These are but a few signs you could encounter. Many signs are easy to spot and others are not so. Of course if you spot anything and want to save your relationship you had better get to work at it.

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