Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Think She Is Ready to Leave - What Can I Do to Make Her Stay?

Both men and women share one really big fear when it comes to relationships. That fear is... that the other person will leave them. For some people, this fear is extremely present in their lives, even when everything is going good. For others, it is there because they are getting the feeling that their significant other is going to leave them. If you are getting the feeling that your girlfriend is going to leave and you want to find a way to make her stay, read on.

Right off the bat, you want to know that as long as she has not left you yet, that is a very good thing. It's much easier to fix a relationship than it is to try and get someone back after they leave. Not that you can't get back a woman when she breaks up with you, it's just a little bit harder.

Here's some advice on how to make her stay if you think that your girlfriend is ready to leave you:

a) Don't over react to your fears.

While your intuition may be correct, it might not be. There's been some interesting research done recently in the field of social psychology that shows that people's intuitions are way off base in a lot of situations. And one such situation is where there are deep emotions involved. When emotions are involved and then you combine that with a little fear, it's easy to wind up thinking something is going to happen when there really is no reason to think it will.

b) Schedule out some alone time with your girlfriend.

One of the most common reasons why couples break up, is because they get to a point where they no longer spend a lot of quality time together. Like, when you were first dating your girlfriend, you probably were ready to drop everything just to spend some time with her. Then, when you are deeper into the relationship, you start to take each other for granted. Schedule out some alone time with your girlfriend. Take a weekend trip together. Take her out to her favorite club. Just make sure that you spend QUALITY time with her.

c) Find a way to hook her, so that she cannot even think of being without you.

You don't want to do this in some controlling, creepy kind of way. That's not at all what I am trying to suggest. You need to get her hooked on you and the best way to do this, is to find a way to connect with her on a level that no one else has before. Get inside her deeper than any other guy has... and she will want to stay with you and won't even be able to imagine life without you.

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